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Massage & Energy Work


Custom Massage

Rejuvenating therapeutic massage tailored to your specific healing needs. Luxurious blend of Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Himalayan Salt, Reflexology, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy and hot/cold therapy to harmonize & detoxify.

90min - $150.00

Cupping Therapy Massage w/ Reiki
Cupping session using silicone (no fire) cups or Deep tissue cupping with pump suction cups. Treating back, neck, shoulders arms and front upper chest. Cupping is a Chinese medicine technique that has been used for centuries for many different conditions. Coupled with Reiki for deeper muscle tension relief, relaxation, detoxification and oxygenation. Reiki also minimizes the cupping marks. Silicone cups are placed on the skin, creating a vacuum-like seal from the lack of oxygen. The superficial muscle layer is drawn up into the cup, which stimulates the circulation of blood, breaks up adhesions, and creates a pathway for toxins to be drawn out of the body through the lymphatic system. It has been found that cupping can affect tissues up to 4 inches deep; affecting blood vessels, fascia, muscles, and scar tissue. 
                                                                               45min - $55.00
                                                                                   75min - $100.00

Reiki Session

Gentle, NON-INVASIVE, ancient form of natural healing. Recipient is fully clothed and practitioner's hands are placed, moving every few minutes. It is a form of energy work on the physical, etheric and subtle bodies by restoring and balancing the natural life force (CHI) energy within the body.


60 min-$80.00

90 min-$125.00

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Gentle non invasive form of body work that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas to alleviate stress and pain. Helps with anxiety, ADHD and more. 

60 min- $125.00

Clearing & Coaching

Clear out the old, make room for the new. Combination of Reiki, meditation & coaching helps effectively transform your consciousness to manifest your dreams!

3 (60min) Session Pkg. - $275.00


Distance Reiki 

The perfect option for those who cannot come in for a hands on Reiki session, such as people that are ill or living in different location. Reiki can be sent to a person, animal, situation time or place. As a Reiki Master I can send healing to you. Sending Reiki is possible because energy is not confined and can transcend time and space so it is easily transmitted anywhere. Clients who experience distance healing sessions have reported feeling less stressed, rejuvenated and balanced. Experience the benefits of a distance healing session for yourself. 

                                                                          30 min-$60.00


Awakening Senses Relaxation Massage

Gentle and relaxing, Swedish massage with the intent of enhancing the body's ability to heal

60 min - Full body / $80.00

90 min - Full body / $100.00

Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage

Full body Swedish massage with deep pressure applied and work of the pressure points, concentrating on specific areas of pain to break up toxins and open the flow of well being

60 min- $100.00

90 min- $125.00

Warm Himalayan Salt Massage

Full body Swedish massage with the use of warm Himalayan Salt Rocks detoxifying the body and aiding the body in absorbing its 84 essential trace minerals through the skin.

 60 min- $100.00

 90 min- $125.00

Oncology Reiki

Oncology Reiki uses the energy of Reiki to help facilitate the body’s own healing systems by promoting relaxation and deep meditative states. Helps alleviate physical and emotional discomforts, pain, fear, and other stress points related to their cancer and cancer treatments. Helps the cancer patient get more involved in their own energetic self care.  

60min - $80.00

Pregnancy Massage

Full body prenatal massage with Mommy to be on her side; assisting the body to ease through the transition of pregnancy, alleviate discomfort and reduce stress

60 minute - $80.00

Reflexology Massage - Pressure Point Therapy

 An ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage (typically on the feet, but also on hands and ears) to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body manipulating the reflexes connected to every organ, gland and system of the body

30 min- feet only/ $55.00

60 min- ears, hands and feet/ $80.00

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